EmSculpt NEO

What Is EmSculpt NEO?

Getting rid of fat can be done by eating healthily and exercising regularly. Leading an active and healthy lifestyle can help your body stay in good condition. Unfortunately, due to hormones, genetics, and age, there may still be some fat deposits that cannot be addressed with these traditional methods. These fat deposits are referred to as stubborn fat. There are alternative solutions for these stubborn fat deposits. EmSculpt NEO is a cosmetic treatment aimed at reducing the appearance of unwanted fat. At Aesthetic Essentials in Willoughby Hills, OH, we strive to offer the best service possible. We offer EmSculpt NEO for people who want to address their unwanted stubborn fat without resorting to an invasive surgical procedure. Contact us to schedule your consultation today. You can count on us to provide a comfortable experience. 

What is EmSculpt NEO?

EmSculpt NEO is a highly effective muscle toner and fat burner. It is a device that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic muscle stimulation and radiofrequency heat technology. This combination causes your muscles to contract. The muscle contractions force your fat cells to supply them with energy. This supports the contracting muscles. Once these fat cells are depleted, they will be passed through your lymphatic system and destroyed. This process helps to strengthen muscles and remove unwanted fat cells at the same time. 

EmSculpt NEO should not be mistaken as a weight loss alternative, nor is it an alternative to regular exercise. To reach your body goals, regular exercise and a healthy diet are still essential. 

EmSculpt NEO is a great option for the removal of stubborn fat. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure. This means that it does not require an extensive recovery period and won’t leave you with unsightly scars. Because this procedure uses radiofrequency energy and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) muscle stimulation, the results are more drastic than alternative non-surgical body contouring treatments. This treatment is highly versatile and can be used on your thighs, calves, arms, abdomen, and buttocks. 

EmSculpt vs EmSculpt NEO

While these two procedures are very similar and offer effective results, there are certain factors that make them different. EmSculpt uses advanced high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) muscle stimulation to burn fat and tone muscles, EmSculpt NEO combines that technology with radiofrequency energy. It is the world’s first treatment to combine these two technologies. By perfectly blending radiofrequency heat energy and HIFEM with a patented electrode that can only be found in this body contouring device, it can successfully remove your unwanted stubborn fat deposits. 

EmSculpt NEO Results 

EmSculpt NEO is a relatively new treatment. If you are unfamiliar with it and would like to know more, here are a few things about this treatment you should know. 

How Many Treatments Do I Need? 

When considering EmSculpt NEO, you may need up to 4 treatment sessions to achieve your desired results. However, some people have experienced results after just 1 session. Depending on your body goals, you may need a few follow-up sessions to maintain your results. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your desired results and how they can be achieved. With this information, we can customize a treatment plan for you. 

How Long Until I See Results? 

Because EmSculpt NEO aims to create natural-looking results, they appear gradually. Final results can be seen after 3 months. Everyone will experience different results over different periods. 

How Long Do the Results Last? 

The intensity and length of your results depend on your body weight and muscle tone. It may also depend on how your body responds to EmSculpt NEO. Your lifestyle, eating habits, and exercise routine will also affect your results. However, you can expect your results to last between 6 – 12 months. A healthy lifestyle will enhance your results. 

Is EmSculpt Neo a Weight Loss Alternative? 

Although EmSculpt NEO can remove unwanted fat deposits and tone muscles, it is important to note that it is not a weight loss substitute. It cannot be used to replace a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. It has been designed to target stubborn fat deposits that cannot be removed with traditional methods. A healthy lifestyle will enhance the results you achieve from EmSculpt NEO. While it tones muscles and trims fat, you won’t see a smaller number on your scale. 

Am I an Ideal Candidate for EmSculpt Neo? 

If you have a BMI higher than 30, chronic obesity, or are severely overweight, EmSculpt NEO won’t give you the results you want. If you want to treat mild to moderate fat pockets and tone muscles, EmSculpt NEO is for you. To be sure about your compatibility, schedule a consultation with us. We will conduct a physical examination and review your medical history. This will give you a better understanding of what EmSculpt NEO can do for you. 

There is no specific age that EmSculpt NEO was designed for. However, it may be more beneficial to older people that can no longer engage in muscle-building or core exercises as much as they used to. It is a great treatment for people of all ages that want to address their stubborn body fat.

Consider EmSculpt NEO to Remove Unwanted Fat

When faced with all the body contouring treatments, it may be difficult to make the right decision. Knowing what each treatment can do, and if it is suitable for you can help. At Aesthetic Essentials, we will answer all your questions about EmSculpt NEO. If you are unsure about anything, we will give you accurate information and help you make an informed decision. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Alternatively, you can visit us in Willoughby Hills, OH.

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