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Vanquish by BTL: Fat Reduction and Body Contouring Treatments

Have you ever wanted to tighten and tone your body but didn’t know where to start? Diet and exercise do not always produce the results you want. With Vanquish by BTL body contouring treatments, you can get a head start.

At Aesthetic Essentials in Willoughby Hills, OH, we offer non-invasive fat reduction with Vanquish by BTL. Stop in to learn more about our body contouring treatments.

What Is Non-Invasive Fat Reduction?

There are some surgical procedures that target excess body fat to slim your physique. We understand that many patients want to get the aesthetic they desire without harsh, invasive methods. That’s where non-invasive fat reduction comes in. 

Vanquish by BTL is a non-invasive body contouring treatment. This means that it can slim down certain areas of your body and help them look more toned. 

There are common problem areas that many people struggle with, such as love handles, buttocks, and thighs. Vanquish by BTL targets these areas and delivers desirable results. 

How to Vanquish by BTL Works

Vanquish by BTL fat reduction treatments are designed to get rid of stubborn fat underneath your skin’s surface. This fat is known as subcutaneous fat and often won’t respond to traditional fat loss measures. 

Perhaps you’ve tried toning these areas in the gym or reducing your calorie intake. It may not work if this stubborn subcutaneous fat has settled under your skin. Vanquish by BTL fat reduction treatments can help you get rid of it. 

Radiofrequency Heating

Radiofrequency energy produces heat that destroys stubborn fat cells. This treatment is safe for all of your other tissues, but fat cells cannot survive at heated temperatures. 

Once your fat cells are exposed to radiofrequency heating, they program themselves for destruction. This is good news for you since once they’re gone, these fat cells don’t come back. 

Lymphatic Drainage

During the three months after your appointment, your lymphatic system removes the dead fat cells from your body. 

Your lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating cell waste and toxins. Once it does its job, you never have to worry about those fat cells returning. 

BTL Vanquish Results

BTL Vanquish results look stunning, showing off your visible muscle tone while slimming down areas with excess fat. 

BTL Vanquish treatments provide much faster results than you would get from waiting on subcutaneous fat to disappear on its own. This type of fat is notorious for sticking around despite frequent exercise and healthy dieting. 

The areas of treatment will look smaller, slimmer, and more toned, giving you the physique results you’ve already worked hard for. We recommend continuing to follow an exercise regimen to optimize your results. 

Areas of Treatment

BTL Vanquish treatments can target several areas for subcutaneous fat loss. There are common areas that many patients struggle with, but your treatment plan will be customized for your aesthetic goals. 

Inner and Outer Thighs

This non-invasive fat reduction treatment can target stubborn thigh fat. 

Both inner and outer thighs can collect subcutaneous fat over the years. If you feel self-conscious about this fat in shorts, jeans, and bathing suits, it’s time for a Vanquish by BTL body contouring treatment.


Stubborn arm fat, also known as “batwings,” can get in the way of muscle definition. If you want to wear short-sleeved shirts, bathing suits, and tank tops without showing excess fat, this is the treatment for you. 

Vanquish by BTL targets your stubborn arm fat with radiofrequency heating so you can show off the muscled arms you’ve worked for. 

Abdominal Area

Your abdomen and waist are the center points of your body. You probably want to look slim and toned in these areas the most. 

Vanquish by BTL slims your midsection by targeting stubborn abdominal fat. This treatment also targets love handles. 

Tired of doing hundreds of crunches just to see no results? Allow this body contouring treatment to take care of the problem for you.


Many people struggle with back fat. Even after you lose visceral fat, which settles near your internal organs, stubborn back fat can remain. 

Vanquish by BTL body contouring treatments eliminate back fat from your body so that you can enjoy a toned, slim rear view. 

What Does Vanquish by BTL Feel Like?

These treatments are not only tolerable, but most patients find them relaxing.

The Vanquish by BTL handpiece generates a gentle warming sensation as it gives off radiofrequency energy. This is the heat that will eliminate your subcutaneous fat cells for good. 

As we move the handheld device over the treatment area, you will experience gentle warming sensations. All you have to do is lie down, relax, and enjoy your body contouring treatment. 

Customized Treatment Plans

We will tailor your Vanquish BTL treatments to your aesthetic goals and current physique. If you have specific areas you want to target, we will focus on those during your treatments. 

Every patient is different, and we are happy to offer customized treatment plans with Vanquish by BTL. We can combine multiple treatment areas into one session so you can save time in your busy schedule. 

Most patients see optimal results after one treatment, but multiple sessions may be necessary for some. 

Get the Slim, Toned Figure You Want at Aesthetic Essentials

If you are ready to get the physique you have always wanted, come to our center in Willoughby Hills, OH. We offer Vanquish by BTL body contouring treatments for patients who are almost or already at their goal weight. 

Contact us to book your Vanquish by BTL treatment today.

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