The Benefits of Laser Skin Rejuvenation with Aerolase®

The Benefits of Laser Skin Rejuvenation with Aerolase®

As you age, it can be difficult to maintain a smooth and glowing complexion even if you invest in the best skin care products. The normal aging process and other factors such as exposure to the sun can cause your skin to begin developing fine lines and wrinkles and have a duller appearance.

Aerolase laser treatments are one way that you can boost the appearance of your skin without having to go through invasive treatments and surgery. At Aesthetic Essentials, laser skin rejuvenation with Aerolase is one way that we can help you to feel and look your best as you age. 

What Is Laser Skin Rejuvenation? 

Laser skin rejuvenation is the process of using pulsed light to help correct complexion complaints such as discoloration, sun and age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, and uneven skin tone. Laser skin rejuvenation can be a good option if you don’t want to undergo more invasive procedures and want a gentle method with little downtime. 

Why the Aerolase Laser? 

We are proud to be able to offer our patients laser skin rejuvenation with the Aerolase laser. This treatment is different than other laser treatments because it can provide quality results while also prioritizing patient comfort. 

Comfortable, Pain-Free Treatment

Many laser treatments are ablative, meaning that the skin’s outer layer is removed. These treatments can be uncomfortable both during and after the appointment. However, with the Aerolase laser, you will simply feel warmth during the treatment rather than pain, and there will be no need for anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the process.  

Shorter Recovery Time

While fully ablative laser treatments are effective in the right situation, many patients come to us wanting skin rejuvenation without the downtime. Aerolase offers a solution that is both effective and does not involve downtime. You can get many different skin rejuvenation benefits such as even skin tone and a smooth texture while only experiencing some mild redness on the skin afterward. 

Surgery-Free Solution

Some patients who have sagging skin and wrinkles may opt for facelift surgery. However, this isn’t the right solution for everyone. Many people simply want to subtly tighten and smooth their skin without surgery. Aerolase can provide a surgery-free solution for skin that has developed wrinkles or that has lost its glow.

Can Target Several Conditions

In addition to skin rejuvenation, the Aerolase laser can target many other skin conditions as well. These can include:

  • Wart removal
  • Treatment for Fungal Infections
  • Hair removal
  • Melasma treatment
  • Acne treatment

How Does Laser Skin Rejuvenation with Aerolase Work?

The Aerolase laser sends a quick burst of laser energy to the skin. This pulse lasts for a few microseconds which is long enough to send heat energy to the deeper layers of skin without burning the outer layer of skin. 

The heat energy, while not enough to damage your skin, is enough to stimulate your body’s healing response. Your body will send fibroblasts to the area to help heal the heated tissue. Fibroblasts are tiny cells that are responsible for producing the materials your body needs to heal, namely collagen and elastin. The process also tightens the skin using the same process that these fibroblasts use to contract a wound. 

Collagen and elastin are often what your body is lacking when the surface of the skin starts to develop wrinkles. Older skin often doesn’t have the support system it needs to stay smooth. When laser skin rejuvenation helps stimulate the production of collagen, this support structure can be regained and the skin can become smoother. 

Preparing for Your Aerolase Laser Treatment

The process of getting skin rejuvenation with the Aerolase skin laser is much simpler than many other laser procedures. Before your treatment, you should treat your skin gently to prepare it for your appointment. You should stay away from harsh cleansers and exfoliators that could irritate the skin, and you should make sure to not expose it to too much sunshine. On the day of the treatment, keep your skin free from any products such as makeup, sunscreen, or moisturizers. 

While other treatments can sting each time the light pulses, Aerolase lasers are much gentler. Our patients do not typically need numbing cream for the treatment. During the appointment, we may treat the entire face first and then focus on more specific concerns. The treatment itself will vary depending on what we discuss during the consultation. 

After your treatment, you may have mild redness in the treatment area which should fade quickly. Because this is one of the only expected side effects, you are free to go about your day. Keep in mind that you should still be treating your skin with care by staying out of the sunshine and using gentle products. 

What Results Can You Expect? 

Results can take time as your body creates more collagen. We generally recommend scheduling several sessions to maximize your results. After several treatments, you can begin to notice gradual smoothing of your wrinkles, a softer texture, and skin that is more even in color.

Skin Rejuvenation Services in Willoughby Hills, OH

If you are looking for a way to reverse some of the sun damage that your skin has sustained over the years or you want to find a more effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, we may recommend treatments with the Aerolase skin laser. It can offer excellent results while being non-invasive and gentle. For more information about skin rejuvenation with Aerolase, or to see if you are a good candidate for the treatment, schedule a consultation with us! At Aesthetic Essentials, we are proud to serve Willoughby Hills and the surrounding areas.