IV Therapy

Discover the Power of IV Therapy– a Guide to What It Is and How It Can Help You

IV therapy is a treatment that is becoming increasingly popular as many people discover its benefits. It is a versatile treatment that can give your body the hydration it may be missing while also delivering nutrients directly to your veins. 

At Aesthetic Essentials in Willoughby Hills, OH, we offer IV therapy to help treat many different concerns. We offer customized IV drip therapy treatments that you can choose from to meet your health goals.  

What Is IV Therapy?

IV therapy, or intravenous therapy, is a treatment that involves delivering fluids, vitamins, and other nutrients into the bloodstream using a catheter inserted into a vein, usually on the arm. While this procedure has been used in hospitals for many years to administer medication and fluids, it can also be used to improve your health, boost your immunity, and even help you lose weight. 

What Can IV Therapy Help Treat? 

Restoring Proper Hydration

Many situations can result in a loss of proper hydration which can be difficult to restore by simply drinking more beverages. IV hydration therapy is an effective way to restore fluids in your body while bypassing the digestive system. This can help to reduce nausea from trying to drink too many fluids and it can make you feel better almost immediately. IV hydration therapy can be used after illness, after traveling, after exercising, or after spending time in the heat or the sun.

Building Immunity

If you feel like you are always catching illnesses from the people around you, you may be able to boost your immune system by using IV therapy. We offer vitamin IV therapy that delivers essential nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals to help you fight off seasonal bugs and to reduce the number and severity of illnesses that you contract.

Recovering from a Hangover

If you need help recovering after a night of indulgence, we may have just what you need. IV drip therapy for hangovers can include fluids and other substances that can help reduce nausea, diminish headaches, and make you feel less fatigued. 

Helping Your Body Cope With Stress

Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your body, causing a wide range of symptoms including aches and pains, lack of sleep, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and more. If you are feeling the effects of stress in your body, IV infusion therapy can help it recover after times of stress.

Preparing For or Recovering From a Workout

IV infusion therapy can be used both before and after a workout to prepare your body for strenuous exercise and to help it recover. Pre-workout IV drips can deliver nutrients to your body to help you feel strong and energized without slowing down your digestion. After a workout, vitamin IV therapy can restore hydration and give you vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can make recovery easier. 

Boosting Skin, Hair, and Nail Health

If you are looking for a way to treat dry skin and make your hair, nails, and skin healthier, you can try intravenous therapy. We use a unique blend of ingredients that help to promote the health of your skin, hair, and nails, and the treatment can give you an instant boost of hydration.

Who Can Benefit From IV Therapy?

IV vitamin therapy can be a good treatment for a wide variety of patients. It can be the right choice for patients who are dehydrated, have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, or have other concerns that can be treated using IV nutrient therapy. However, some people with certain conditions may not be good candidates for the treatment. Always check with a doctor before pursuing IV treatments.  

How to Find the Right Provider for IV Therapy

With many places across the country offering IV nutrient therapy, it is important to find the right provider. You should always seek out a practice that offers IV treatments under the supervision of medical professionals who know how to correctly administer treatments and who operate under strict guidelines for safety and patient comfort. 

What to Expect From Your IV Therapy Treatment

During your IV treatment, we will have a consultation with you to determine the best treatment. Then, you will get comfortable and we will insert an IV into your vein. The IV will drip the infusion that we have chosen at the right pace to ensure the most effective absorption by your body. You can expect the entire process to take around an hour. 

During your treatment, you are welcome to relax and enjoy a book, read a magazine, do a crossword puzzle, or listen to music. While you relax, your body will be getting the nutrients that it needs. 

You may begin to feel better right away as you complete your IV treatment. Because the treatment doesn’t go through your digestive system, your body will be able to use all of the nutrients that it receives rather than losing some through the digestive process. 

How Often Can You Receive IV Vitamin Therapy?

Each person benefits from a different IV treatment plan. We offer packages that allow you to come in every month or multiple times per month for treatments. Regular treatments can be beneficial to help you maintain healthy hydration and proper nutrition. 

Boosting Your Health With IV Therapy

IV therapy can be a good way to boost your health, improve your immunity, and help your body get through some of the more difficult times. Whether you are looking for ways to decrease stress, recover from a workout, or relieve chronic dehydration, we can find the right treatment for you at Aesthetic Essentials. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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