Weight Loss Management

Shed Pounds & Regain Confidence with Aesthetic Essential’s Weight Loss Management Programs

Losing weight can be difficult and often it isn’t a process that should be done alone. If you have been looking for an opportunity to jump into a weight loss program that can help you shed pounds, regain confidence, and feel much better, we are here to help at Aesthetic Essentials in Willoughby Hills, OH. 

At our clinic, promoting your overall health and wellness is one of our top aims with our weight loss management. We recognize that each person is different and may need different diet plans, resources, and medications in order to have successful weight loss. Our treatments are completely customizable and we spend time with everyone to find what works for them. 

How to Lose Weight Effectively

Weight loss can be challenging partly because everyone has different challenges and barriers to weight loss. Sometimes these challenges can be physical such as a hormonal imbalance or genetic predisposition that can make shedding pounds seem impossible. Other challenges can include a lack of support or a lack of resources and education. 

We combine many different tools and treatments including education on a healthy lifestyle, coaching to help to overcome your personal barriers and direct treatments that will make the process faster and easier.  

Our 4 Steps to Helping You Lose Weight

Step 1: Consultation and Analysis

The first step to a personalized treatment plan is to get to know you. We will take a full health history and perform a complete InBody scan so that we can understand more about your body. An InBody scan will give us information including your weight, muscle mass, body fat mass, where your individual body stores fat, and more.

Step 2: Creating a Treatment Plan

Our consultation will allow us to find the right treatments and medications for your situation. We will then create a customized treatment plan that may include a special diet and exercise plan, prescription medications, and more. 

Step 3: Providing Accountability and Support

One of the most important parts of our weight loss management programs is providing you with continual support. We not only want to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals in the short term, but we also want to give you the tools that you need to continue giving your body what it needs for a long and healthy life. 

During your weight loss program, we will be here to coach you, keep you accountable to the goals that you have set for yourself, give you motivation, and help you make any adjustments that need to be made to ensure your success. Adequate support is one of the main reasons that people give up early on weight loss programs, so we will be here to make the process more manageable with follow-up appointments.

Step 4: Achieving Your Goals and Keeping the Weight Off

By the time you are done with our weight loss services, you should have the tools you need to keep your body at a healthy weight. Once you have reached your target weight, we will guide you through the process of keeping the weight off and help you transition out of our medical weight loss program. We also offer body sculpting and other services that can help boost your results and reward your hard work.

Our Weight Loss Services

Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss can be a large portion of the experience for many people. Weight loss injections can help to restore imbalances in your body, speed up your metabolism, help your body to burn fat instead of muscle, and decrease cravings. They can also help to support you during low-calorie diets so that you stay feeling full and you have more energy. Our injections for weight loss and other medications include Adipex/Phentermine, lipotropic injections, semaglutide injections, and more. 

hCG Diet

One diet that may be a good solution for long-term weight management is the hCG diet. This is a low-calorie diet supported by hCG injections to help you shed up to 30 pounds in just 40 days. The injections help your body to burn fat effectively and they can also help you to feel more comfortable while restricting calories. During this plan, you will also learn more about developing a sustainable diet that will keep you full and energetic. 

Delicious and Healthy Meal Plans

Learning to eat a well-balanced diet and teaching your body to crave healthy foods is a major component of all of our weight loss treatments. We pair customized meal plans with injections for weight loss so that you can continue to keep the weight off.

We firmly believe that a healthy diet doesn’t have to be a bland or boring one. We guide you through a wide range of foods that can nourish your body and give you sustained energy throughout the day without causing you to gain weight. Our goal is for many of the meals and recipes that you incorporate during our program to become a regular part of your routine even after your program is complete.  

Scheduling a Weight Loss Consultation in Willoughby Hills

Whether you are looking for a medical weight loss plan, weight loss injections, or accountability to help you stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan, we can help you at Aesthetic Essentials. Even if you have had difficulty losing weight in the past, our resources and experience can give you everything you need to not just lose weight, but to also feel more confident, have more energy, and have overall improved health. You can schedule a weight management consultation in Willoughby Hills, OH today by filling out an online form or by calling 440-306-7826.

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